Saint Lucia


Work being done in St. Lucia:

Saint Lucia, National Invasive Species Strategy 2012-2021

The Saint Lucia National Invasive Species Strategy (NISS) 2012-2021 was developed by a small team of consultants in close collaboration with Saint Lucia’s Invasive Alien Species Working Group (IASWG) as technical output under the GEF-funded project “Mitigating the Threats of Invasive Alien Species in the Insular Caribbean”. Please note that the NISS has not yet […]

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Voluntary Code of Conduct for Saint Lucia’s Ornamental Plant Sector (OPS VCoC)

Author: Saint Lucia Forestry Department, Summer Flowers, St. Lucia Floral Co-operative Society, The Garden Centre, Plants of Saint Lucia & Renew St Lucia A workshop at the Forestry Department in September 2011 brought together public and private sector stakeholders who jointly developed a Voluntary Code of Conduct for the Ornamental Plant Sector (OPS VCoC) in […]

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Invasive Alien Species – Confronting the Threat

The final 30-minutes TV documentary “Invasive Alien Species – Confronting the Threat” illustrates in a laypersons manner what IAS do to Saint Lucia’s native biodiversity and what anybody – resident or visitor – can do about them. The programme was launched on Independence Day (22 February) 2013. Added to this post is a video containing […]

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