Dominican Republic

DRThe Dominican Republic occupies the eastern two-thirds of the island of Hispaniola, which it shares with Haiti.

Area: 18,792 sq mi (48,671 sq km). Population (2009 est.): 9,749,000. Capital: Santo Domingo. The majority of the people are of mixed European-African ancestry; most of the rest are of European or African descent. Language: Spanish (official). Religion: Christianity (predominantly Roman Catholic; also Protestant). Currency: Dominican peso. The country is generally mountainous, with ranges and hills running from northwest to southeast.


Contact Person(s):

Mrs. Angelita Matos Rodriguez

Tecnico Sanidad Vegetal    

Ministry of Agriculture, Dominica Republic 

 ½ km Kennedy,  Santo Domingo    

Tel: 809 547 3888



Invasive Alien Species List:


Materials and Resources:

Dominican Republic IAS profile: IAS profile

Restoration of Isla Cabritos for the Protection of its Iguanas: Restoration of Isla Cabritos


Work being done in Dominican Republic:

National Invasive Alien Species Strategy – Dominican Republic

This national strategy of invasive alien species has been prepared under the project “Mitigating the threat of invasive alien species in the insular Caribbean “funded by the Global Environment Facility (UNEP-GEF) and implemented by CAB International and the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of the Dominican Republic, which seeks to provide countries participants and […]

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Pochy Family in concert talk with the public about the importance of Sierra de Bahoruco

Pochy Family in concert talk with the public about the importance of Sierra de Bahoruco  

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Restoration of Isla Cabritos for the protection of Ricord’s Iguana and Rhinoceros Iguana

Isla Cabritos and Lago Enriquillo National Park is an internationally recognized site important for its unique and abundant biodiversity. Isla Cabritos supports two populations of threatened Cyclura rock iguanas, the only viable population of American Crocodile in the Dominican Republic, and the lake supports a diverse array of waterbirds and land birds, including Caribbean Flamingo […]

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