This site which is the culmination of the efforts of many scientists; national; regional and international organisations is a collaborative effort to address the issue IAS in the Caribbean. Entities such as the Caribbean Plant Health Directors Forum (CPHDF) organised mainly by the USDA/APHIS and CARICOM; the project: Mitigating the Threats of Invasive Alien Species in the Insular Caribbean (MTIASIC) funded by the Global Fund for the Environment (GEF) with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) as the lead implementing agency and the Centre for Agriculture and Bio-Sciences International (CABI) as the lead executing agency; and Caribbean Invasive Species Working Group (CISWIG) are some of the main groups actively tackling the issue of IAS in the Caribbean.

This site documents some of the key actions to addressing this issue in a way that promotes the actions; the results achieved. It will also give details on a range of IAS of importance to the Caribbean while highlighting the people and organisations that are pioneering the work with these species that can potentially threaten our health and livelihoods; disrupt both intra-regional and international trade and  impact our environment by threatening native and endemic Caribbean biodiversity.  It is intended that this will be a one stop shop for information on IAS in the Caribbean.

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