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Discovery Club National Youth Month – Invasive Species PSA/JINGLE Competition Winners

Discovery Club is an exciting program for young members of The Bahamas National Trust. Since it began in 1995, it immediately became very popular. Club members participate in a fun and rewarding journey and discover the beauty, uniqueness and fragile nature of The Bahamas. The importance of volunteering is emphasized and a wide array of opportunities […]

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Aqua Kids LionFish

Aqua Kids is an award-winning children’s program dedicated to educating young people about the importance of protecting marine environments and the animals that live there. Recently, it featured the invasive species Lion Fish. Aqua Kids, LLC & Adventure Productions.        

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The activities of all age groups impact on Invasive Species. Kids are a major target of the pet trade. It is not unheard of to have them travelling with their pets unknowing to their parents posing a serious bio-security risk to countries visited. They also are tempted to release their pets when they outgrow their […]

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