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The Pet Trade Pathway Toolkit – Jamaica

This Pet Trade Pathway Toolkit is the first output under Jamaica’s 2014-2020 National Invasive Alien Species Strategy and Action Plan (NIASSAP). It was developed through a multi-stakeholder consultation process, and is intended for use by the government in cooperation with partners in the private and non-profit sectors. Although the primary motivation for the Toolkit is […]

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National Invasive Alien Species Strategy & Action Plan (NIASSAP) – 2014-2020

Invasive alien species (IAS) are alien (non-native) species whose introduction and/or spread threaten biological diversity. They are among the top drivers of biological diversity loss worldwide and place substantial constraints on sustainable development. The National Invasive Alien Species Strategy and Action Plan (NIASSAP) aims to guide the work of the government of Jamaica and collaborators […]

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The Jamaican Iguana Pilot Final Report 2014

Following another successful campaign during the 2011-2012 period, the JIRG once again recorded a record year for recovering the Critically Endangered Jamaican iguana during the 2012-2013 period. Most notably, we recorded another record year for females nesting at the primary communal nesting sites — 53! This represents a 6-fold increase over the original (core) nesting population documented in […]

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Lionfish Project Technical Report

Invasive Alien Species (IAS) are a major threat to the vulnerable marine, freshwater and terrestrial biodiversity. IAS are a major interest to Jamaica as they pose a direct threat to the high level of biodiversity. Jamaica’s industries are centred on the country’s biodiversity. As such a decrease in biodiversity threatens the livelihood of fishers, farmers, […]

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Black River Pilot Project

The Black River morass is the largest freshwater wetland ecosystem in Jamaica and the second largest in the Caribbean. It is a biologically diverse and extremely complex natural wetland ecosystem that supports a large number of plants, animals and natural communities. The Morass support high levels of endemic species which are severely threatened by anthropogenic disturbance owing to their […]

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